Copy KitKat on your quest for Double D Marketing

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We often enshrine the name of a brand’s founder in gold. Later, we portray them in hagiographic movies. Or show their profile in anniversary advertising. But none of that is possible with KitKat. The eponymous chocolate wafer has an anonymous founder. It could have been invented by any one of a thousand Rowntree employees working in its York factory in the early 1930s.

Because all anyone knows is that one day a worker, presumably disappointed with the contents of their lunch box, wrote a short missive suggesting Rowntree create a snack that “a man could take to work

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Boeing Disaster Proves Americans Businesses Greedy Mentality Is Broken

If only Boeing’s problems were just about a nightmare flight — a screw loose, a blown-out door plug, and 177 people who will probably need therapy for the rest of their lives. But as the iconic American plane manufacturer tries to make amends for the disastrous Alaska Airlines flight in January, it’s become clear that Boeing’s problems run far deeper. They expose decades of American corporate philosophy gone awry. 

Boeing is a quintessential example of America’s rotting business culture over the past 40 years. The company relentlessly disgorged cash to shareholders when it could’ve spent it on building a better

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