Canny foreigners invest their way into green card with EB-5

Glades County is one of Florida’s sparsest locales, a rural expanse with 12,000 residents, two firefighters and no major grocery store. 

It’s there that Jeff Akerman is springing to life a religious Jewish community of 1,300 homes — the next Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but on Lake Okeechobee.

The novel project — planned with two synagogues and a pair of religious schools — is getting an assist from an improbable source: financiers from China and India, whose investment could mean a quick ticket to a US visa.

Incentives to encourage rural investment via the EB-5 program have extended nationwide. Mike Guillen/NY Post
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Area information drives facts-driven synthetic intelligence in perfectly logging

by KeAi Communications Co.

Petrophysical educated residual neural community for multi-process reservoir parameter prediction with the info-system-driven loss function. Credit: Rongbo Shao, et al

Facts-pushed artificial intelligence, this kind of as deep discovering and reinforcement finding out, possesses powerful knowledge analysis capabilities. These strategies enable the statistical and probabilistic examination of facts, facilitating the mapping of relationships in between inputs and outputs without the need of reliance on predetermined bodily assumptions.

Central to the procedure of education data-driven models is the utilization of a loss function, which computes the disparity among the model’s output and the desired goal final results

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