Artificial Intelligence: DOD Need to Enhance Strategies, Inventory Process, and Collaboration Steerage

What GAO Identified

The 2018 Section of Protection (DOD) Synthetic Intelligence (AI) Strategy defines AI as the means of equipment to execute duties that normally need human intelligence. The approach and involved options include some, but not all, traits of a complete tactic. For example, DOD’s nine AI-linked strategies and plans do not include things like entire descriptions of sources and investments and risk affiliated with adoption of AI-enabled systems (See fig.). Issuing steering to contain all characteristics of a extensive tactic in upcoming AI-connected approaches could support DOD be much better positioned to assist professionals guarantee accountability and dependable use of AI.

Assessment of DOD Artificial Intelligence-Relevant Techniques and Designs

DOD has begun to establish and report on its AI activities, but limitations exist in its AI baseline stock, such as the exclusion of classified pursuits. DOD officials explained these constraints will be dealt with in subsequent phases of the AI stock identification process. Having said that, DOD has not still made a higher-level strategy or roadmap that captures all requirements and milestones. These types of a program would provide DOD with a higher-stage, finish-to-end check out of all the features vital to achieve the program’s objective to supply a finish and correct inventory of AI routines to Congress and to DOD final decision makers.

DOD organizations collaborate on AI activities, but can extra entirely integrate major collaboration methods. DOD makes use of a variety of official and casual collaborative mechanisms that GAO’s prior operate has identified, such as interagency groups. DOD has partially incorporated leading collaboration procedures, such as determining leadership. Even so, DOD officers instructed us they are in the method of producing steering and agreements that obviously define the roles and responsibilities of DOD components that participate in AI actions. By finalizing and issuing these types of guidance, DOD could assistance be certain all individuals agree on obligations and decision earning on AI attempts across the office.

Why GAO Did This Review

DOD approaches condition that AI will completely transform the character of warfare, and failure to adopt AI technologies could hinder the capability of warfighters to protect our country. DOD is generating organizational variations and investing billions of bucks to include AI technological innovation, this kind of as establishing the Joint AI Center to speed up the shipping of AI-enabled abilities across DOD.

Household Report 116-442 accompanying the Nationwide Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Yr 2021, features a provision for GAO to assess DOD’s means, capabilities, and plans for AI technologies. This report evaluates the extent to which (1) DOD’s AI Method and related programs include qualities of a extensive method (2) DOD has recognized and reported AI activities throughout the department and (3) DOD collaborates on its AI pursuits. GAO reviewed relevant legal guidelines and DOD strategies that define strategies and procedures to deal with AI throughout the office, interviewed officers, and performed a section-huge study. This is a general public model of a sensitive report that GAO issued in February 2022. Facts that DOD considered sensitive has been omitted.

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