Writing your will is a key component of financial planning

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Contemplating your death may not warrant a spot at the top of your priority list — but writing your will should.

About one-third, or 34%, of people recently surveyed have a will, according to the results of a study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Of those who don’t have a will, 44% of respondents said the main reason involves procrastination, according to the results of the survey, which polled 3,047 people aged 25 and up in April 2023.

While setting up your will can be a cumbersome task, it’s important

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How a viral song about ‘looking for a man in finance’ took over the internet

Megan Boni created an accidental earworm.

On April 30, the 26-year-old New York-based TikToker sang a little ditty about searching for a wealthy, tall, blue-eyed Wall Street-type, then shared it with her followers without a second thought.

What has happened in the days since is what social media dreams are made of.

“I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5”, blue eyes. Finance, trust fund, 6’5” blue eyes,” Boni sings to the camera in a sing-songy way that calls to mind the 2010 hit “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers.

“I’m looking for a man, I’m looking for a

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HEI finances stable as litigation swells

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A record 4.1 million Americans may retire this year: Financial planners say they should take these 5 steps

The so-called silver tsunami of retirees is beginning to crest this year, as a record-high 4.1 million Americans turn 65 in 2024. While many are part of an exodus from the workforce, not all of them will retire: Some cannot afford to stop working, and there is also a growing cohort of college-educated baby boomers who want to keep their jobs despite having the financial means to retire.

Still, as baby boomers reach what experts are calling the “peak 65 zone,” the number of people retiring is expected to jump from around 10,000 per day over the past

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Financial stress is making us mentally and physically ill. Here’s how to cope

Years ago, I received a surprise in the mail: a $500 bill for a recent X-ray. I was earning an entry-level media salary at the time (for the uninitiated, that’s equivalent to peanuts), and the shock of having to figure out how to cover an unexpected expense sent my pulse racing with anxiety and my head pounding with stress. 

I was in good company. Research shows again and again that our finances can take a toll on our minds. Money has consistently topped Americans’ list of stressors since the American Psychological Association began running its annual Stress in America Survey

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28 courses to boost your ESG, sustainable finance skills

Editor’s note: This is part of a series on closing the sustainability skills gap with the resources available right now. The collection includes over a dozen articles and more than 200 training opportunities in areas such as corporate sustainability strategy, climate and net-zero strategy, procurement and supply chain, circular economy, professional certifications and free upskilling.

Much like the word “sustainability,” the terms “environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing,” “impact investing” and “sustainable finance” mean different things to different people. If you’re looking for training at the intersection of finance and sustainability, it’s important to understand the differences among these terms

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