Danbury’s longtime finance director is on compensated leave

DANBURY — The city’s finance director who oversees hundreds of millions of pounds in operating cash, cash borrowing, pension programs and utility resources is on paid leave as talks development toward a separation arrangement.

News that David St. Hilaire is no longer performing as the city’s chief economical officer at a time when inflation improvements, a recession looms, and the town has borrowed $208 million to make badly desired school rooms has been kept peaceful for 5 months by Town Hall.

On Tuesday, Mayor Dean Esposito did not answer to a request for remark about St. Hilaire, a 15-yr veteran of Town Corridor who was Danbury’s next highest-paid out worker in 2019 at $178,000.

A Hartford lawyer who Danbury has hired to negotiate the separation arrangement with St. Hilaire also refused to remark.

“It’s a personnel concern,” stated attorney Johanna Zelman.

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