Forget artificial intelligence; when will Aaron Rodgers become self-aware?

I know that I write a lot — some would say too much — about Aaron Rodgers, particularly now that he is with the Jets instead of the Packers and is no longer directly adjacent to the Vikings’ path.

And I know that this feeds into an issue I’ve identified before: Rodgers cannot seem to stray from the spotlight, going out of his way to create the sort of drama and headlines that keep him needlessly in news cycles.

It’s problematic to say someone craves attention, only to then give that person attention. I get it because I have a certain amount of self-awareness.

At the very least, I have a lot more of it than Rodgers.

As I talked about — humorously, of course — on Tuesday’s Daily Delivery podcast, humanity has spent several decades worrying about robots taking over the Earth. That threat has only become more acute as we imagine the potential perils of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence.

What if the computers, the robots — whatever proxy you use for AI — become self-aware?

The fate of humanity could someday hinge on that question.

The fate of the Jets perhaps hinges on a similar one: Will Rodgers ever become self-aware?

Monday was a masterclass in teaching us that the answer as of now is no. Rodgers delivered a tour de force performance, becoming the embodiment of the hot dog sketch on “I Think You Should Leave” and resulting meme.

On locker room cleanout day Monday, Rodgers said this: “If you want to be a winning organization and put yourself in a position to win championships and be competitive, everything that you do matters. The (expletive) that has nothing to do with winning needs to get out of the building. That will be the focus moving forward.”

On Monday night, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel spent seven minutes of his monologue extending a war of words with Rodgers. That was in response to remarks Rodgers made recently on the Pat McAfee show, on which Rodgers is a regular Tuesday guest. He has said he’s going to address those comments on this next show.

Perhaps today is the day Rodgers becomes truly sentient and realizes that his variety of nonsense over the years — and especially recently — fits neatly into the category of stuff that “has nothing to do with winning” and “needs to get out of the building.”

Maybe he will make that “the focus moving forward.”

But a better guess is that he will continue to make it all about him.

At least I have to care about it a little less now that the Vikings don’t play him. Wait, what’s that? Rodgers and the Jets are on the 2024 Vikings home schedule.

Guess I’m going to need to generous helping of self-awareness next season.

Here are four more things to know today:

*A quarterback with a proper sense of self-awareness? The Vikings’ Kirk Cousins.

*Also on Tuesday’s show, Andrew Krammer and I talked about which players for the Vikings established themselves as part of their core this season.

*I’m quickly losing interest in this Wild season, but I would be intrigued enough to watch closely if goalie prospect Jesper Wallstedt is really making his debut soon.

*La Velle E. Neal III will join me on Wednesday’s podcast.

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