Hulu Salaries Revealed for Tech, Marketing, More US Jobs

  • Disney’s Hulu has faced major changes in recent years, even as its grown its US streaming audience.
  • Still, the company is hiring for nearly 100 roles in the US.
  • Public work-visa data show the company has offered $60,000 to $201,000 per year for some US jobs.



has faced major changes in recent years, even as it’s grown its



Kelly Campbell exited as president of Hulu last year, and former Disney+ executive Joe Earley was named her successor in January. Amid the shakeup, Disney and Comcast, which owns a stake in the streamer, were also quibbling over its value. The latter is set to sell its stake by 2024, and speculation has swirled that Disney is looking to stall Hulu’s value by not expanding it internationally. 

Still, Hulu grew its audience 15% year over year to 45.3 million paid subscribers across its on-demand and live-TV services, as of January 1. That’s in spite of an influx of new and recently launched streaming services, including Discovery+, Paramount+, and Peacock.

Hulu, which is part of Disney’s streaming division, is also looking to make plenty of hires. Disney’s careers page lists 97 open positions at Hulu in the US across a variety of departments, including a viewer insights analyst and a product manager.

Insider analyzed work-visa disclosures to see what Hulu and other Disney divisions pay for certain positions.

The public data, released by the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification, includes the base salaries that Disney and Hulu offered to pay foreign staffers it wanted to hire for tech and other jobs in the US.

These were the minimum wages the companies declared in foreign-labor-certification applications that they pay for specific roles, according to Department of Labor documentation. The companies may pay more than the figures reflected in the data or compensate staffers in additional ways, like through stock options and grants.

The data included 57 salaries at Hulu and 17 salaries across other divisions of Disney, based on foreign-labor applications that were submitted by the companies and certified between October 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021.

The Hulu salaries ranged from $93,150 to $208,000. Most of the roles were tech jobs, including data scientist and software engineer roles. There were also salaries for a handful of other roles, such as marketing analyst and manager of content financial analysis.

Disney took full operational control of Hulu in 2019, after acquiring Fox’s stake in the streamer and striking a deal with Comcast. Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, also owns 33% of the company, but agreed in the 2019 deal to sell its stake to Disney within five years.

As Comcast prepares to unwind from Hulu, it has moved to pull new episodes of its NBC TV shows from the streamer in favor of NBCUniversal’s own streaming service Peacock. (That will happen in September.)

It puts Hulu in a precarious position. Not only will it be relying more on original programming over licensed content, but Disney has positioned its Star brand as its international general-content service — leaving Hulu as a US-only product after nixing an expected global expansion. 

The 17 Disney salaries Insider analyzed ranged from $99,288 to $170,000 per year. They included jobs in Disney’s streaming tech, consumer products, parks, studio, and other divisions.

Disney Streaming did not comment by press time.

The pay data is detailed below, broken down by division and job title. 

Some of the applications included salary ranges, rather than a single annual salary, for a given role. For example, Hulu included a pay rate of $153,000 to $183,600 per year for a data engineer position. We included these ranges below. In cases where Disney or Hulu submitted multiple applications for a particular job, such as a senior software developer, we included the median wage rate, as well as the lowest and highest salary for the role.

Hulu — $93,150 to $208,000 per year

Hulu has offered between $93,150 and $208,000 per year to some candidates on US work visas.

The positions included: 

  • Data Engineer: $153,000 to $183,600 per year
  • Data Scientist: $155,488 to $180,800 median; ranging from $148,000 to $184,000
  • Lead Software Engineer: $175,000
  • Manager, Application Security: $173,500
  • Manager, Content Financial Analysis: $152,500
  • Marketing Analyst (Advanced Analytics): $93,150 to $112,000
  • Principal Product Marketing Manager: $190,000
  • Principal Software Developer: $161,475 to $185,000 median; ranging from $148,915 to $185,000
  • Product & Engineering Manager: $165,000
  • Senior Analyst: $115,000
  • Senior Analyst, Strategic Analytics: $132,600 to $159,120
  • Senior Application Security Engineer: $162,750 to $196,000
  • Senior Data Engineer: $168,378 
  • Senior Data Scientist: $169,000
  • Senior Product Manager: $145,710
  • Senior Software Developer: $168,000 to $179,165 median; ranging from $156,000 to $188,000
  • Senior Software Development Lead: $189,000 median; ranging from $161,343 to $200,000
  • Senior Software Engineer: $150,000 median; ranging from $140,000 to $160,000
  • Senior Team Lead, Product Marketing: $190,000
  • Senior Technical Program Manager: $169,000
  • Software Developer: $153,000 to $180,000 median; ranging from $136,500 to $208,000
  • Software Engineer I: $126,000

Other Disney divisions — $99,288 to $170,000 per year

Elsewhere within Disney, the company has offered $99,288 to $170,000 per year to some candidates on US work visas.

The positions included:

Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

  • Senior Database Developer: $147,126 per year

Disney Streaming Technology

  • Associate Director, Software Engineering: $167,074 per year
  • Director, Data Platform Engineering: $163,946
  • Program Manager Consumer Data Analytics: $147,646
  • Senior Software Engineer: $145,000

Disney Worldwide Services 

  • Decision Science Consultant: $99,288 per year
  • Senior Manager, Engineering Services: $166,039
  • Senior Network Operations Engineer: $134,611
  • Senior Software Engineer: $153,000

Walt Disney Attractions Technology

  • Lead Agile Coach: $161,220 per year
  • Project Manager: $108,415
  • Release Manager: $111,730
  • Senior Machine Learning Scientist: $105,000 to $170,000
  • Senior Software Engineer: $133,000

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S.

  • Senior Analyst – Menu Planning and Development: $105,040 per year

Walt Disney Pictures

  • Data Engineer: $130,000 per year
  • Senior Engineer – Software: $140,425

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