How America’s prime executives believe the financial system will tip into recession

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A number of American providers are once more readying their economic downturn playbooks as rapid inflation and geopolitical aspects raise the possibility of a further economic downturn.

The Conference Board’s evaluate of CEO “confidence” confirmed a sharp decline in optimism more than the economic outlook in the 2nd quarter of 2022, slipping to levels not noticed because the commencing of the pandemic.

Executives across industries have painted bleak shots on potential earnings. In the marketplace for tools, Stanley Black & Decker (SWK) explained on

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The dangerous business of decommissioning America’s nuclear plants

Accidents at New Jersey’s Oyster Creek power plant have spurred calls for stricter oversight of the burgeoning nuclear decommissioning industry

A worker at Holtec International's manufacturing plant in Camden, N.J. On the left are steel canisters used to store nuclear waste for decades.
A worker at Holtec International’s manufacturing plant in Camden, N.J. On the left are steel canisters used to store nuclear waste for decades. (Sarah L. Voisin)

FORKED RIVER, N.J. — The new owner took over the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in 2019, promising to dismantle one of the nation’s oldest nuclear plants at minimal cost and in record time. Then came a series of worrisome accidents.

One worker was struck by a

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America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors: Our Annual State-by-State Listing

For more than a decade, using market corrections as opportunities to load up on stocks has proved to be a winning strategy. But the recent market carnage, which dragged the S&P 500 index 13% lower from Jan. 3 to Feb. 24, heralds a turning point, according to Patrick Fruzzetti, managing director and partner at Hightower’s Rose Advisors in New York. “This isn’t just a down cycle where you buy the dips,” he says. “The strategy that worked for the past 12 years in a deflationary cycle is going to be very different in an inflationary one.”

Right now, investment advisors

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What America’s largest technology firms are investing in

WHEN CORPORATE bosses want to impress investors they increasingly reach for the i-word. Mentions of “innovation” during the earnings calls of S&P500 firms have almost doubled in the past decade. And no other sector talks about it as much as the technology companies do. For Hewlett-Packard, a printer and personal-computer maker, innovation has on occasion become what location is to estate agents and education to Tony Blair: so important it has to be said three times in quick succession.

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