What Biden’s State of the Union Said About Business

President Biden led his first State of the Union address yesterday with a promise to make Vladimir Putin pay for invading Ukraine and praise for the Ukrainian resistance. When he turned to domestic issues, a fair amount of his hour-long speech focused on business and the economy.

Biden said fighting inflation was his “top priority,” and made eye-catching proposals. The president said he would encourage competition and ease supply-chain snarls that have led to rising prices (more on that below). He promised to crack down on shipping companies that had taken advantage of the pandemic

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Biden’s Regulatory Generate Sparks Pushback From Company Lobbyists

WASHINGTON—The Biden administration is getting ready a wave of new rules as it embarks on its second 12 months, sparking resistance strategies from enterprise lobbyists representing monetary products and services, agribusiness, healthcare-unit makers and other folks.

Lobbyists and enterprise groups are responding to what some describe as the federal government’s most concerted regulatory thrust given that the Obama administration. Some Democrats hope the regulatory exertion will supply some policy wins for progressives and union activists forward of November’s midterm elections, particularly now that President Biden’s congressional agenda has stalled amid infighting within just the Democratic Party.

The White House’s newly

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