Is Abbott investing Texas taxpayer dollars in Chinese corporations?

GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has referred to as China a hostile country. He’s accused it of “resulting in the catastrophe” of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is the declare from Don Huffines, one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates challenging Abbott in the state’s March 1 main.

“Less than Greg Abbott’s leadership, Texas is placing taxpayer pounds into Chinese organizations,” Huffines declared in an ad on Fb and Instagram.

Abbott is not instantly investing tax money in Chinese organizations. 

Huffines’ claim alludes to investments in Chinese corporations produced by the state’s public pension techniques. All those devices are funded in part

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A Costly Lesson in Chinese Business Practices

Patrick Jenevein

was enthusiastic about doing business in China until he got burned. His company, Dallas-based Tang Energy Group, helped electrify China’s impoverished western provinces in the 1990s. His company “actively supported China’s bid for Most Favored Nation trading status with the U.S.” and for membership in the World Trade Organization, his lawyers have noted, adding: “Scholars at the Council [on] Foreign Relations teased Jenevein about consistently seeing the best side of China. They were right.”

In legal filings, Mr. Jenevein claims his partners at a Chinese state-owned enterprise violated their contracts, poached his business, and tried to skirt the

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