Kushner’s $2 Billion Expense From Saudi-Backed Fund Concealed Due to SEC Regulations: Report

  • In April 2022, The New York Situations documented Jared Kushner acquired $2 billion in Saudi-backed funds.
  • A new Washington Publish report reveals how Kushner’s company hid the source of the cash.
  • On an SEC variety, a box studying “Sovereign prosperity funds and overseas official establishments”  was blank.

Immediately following leaving the White Household, previous Senior Adviser Jared Kushner developed a enterprise that would sooner or later become a private fairness company with ties

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With Debt Coming Due, Investment-Grade Companies Are Paying Up, Too

Corporate funding markets appear to be thawing as finance chiefs at a number of highly rated companies face a year-end deadline decision: Refinance near-term debt coming due with bonds at higher rates now or turn to shorter-term options on the chance rates might be lower in the new year.

Many investment grade-rated businesses spent parts of 2020 and last year buying back older, more expensive debt and selling long-dated bonds with low coupon rates, often going out 10, 20 and even 30 years. But not all companies refinanced early, with some uncertain about where rates would go and others shying …

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