Danbury’s longtime finance director is on compensated leave

DANBURY — The city’s finance director who oversees hundreds of millions of pounds in operating cash, cash borrowing, pension programs and utility resources is on paid leave as talks development toward a separation arrangement.

News that David St. Hilaire is no longer performing as the city’s chief economical officer at a time when inflation improvements, a recession looms, and the town has borrowed $208 million to make badly desired school rooms has been kept peaceful for 5 months by Town Hall.

On Tuesday, Mayor Dean Esposito did not answer to a request for remark about St. Hilaire, a 15-yr veteran

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Opinion | Businesses that refuse to leave Russia are experiencing the greatest costs

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Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is a senior associate dean and the Lester Crown professor of management practice at the Yale School of Management and president of the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute. Steven Tian is director of research for the institute. Steven Zaslavsky is deputy research director for the institute.

A spate of misleading headlines in recent days have harped on the supposed heavy financial costs that companies are bearing for withdrawing from Russia. This has it exactly wrong. Companies that have exited Russia are not only accruing substantial costs; they are also showing financial benefits. And

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