Artificial intelligence assists in the identification of astronomical objects

Artist’s perception of Euclid. Credit rating: ESA/ATG medialab (spacecraft) NASA, ESA, CXC, C. Ma, H. Ebeling and E. Barrett (U. Hawaii/IfA), et al. and STScI (qualifications)

Classifying celestial objects is a extended-standing difficulty. With resources at close to unimaginable distances, in some cases it can be tough for researchers to distinguish involving objects these kinds of as stars, galaxies, quasars or supernovae.

Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço’s (IA) scientists Pedro Cunha and Andrew Humphrey tried using to resolve this classical dilemma by generating SHEEP, a device-mastering algorithm that determines the nature of astronomical sources. Andrew Humphrey (IA &

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