Microsoft’s AI bets boost cloud business, Alphabet yet to find silver lining

  • Microsoft Azure 29% revenue growth beats estimates
  • Google Cloud revenue growth slows, misses estimates
  • Alphabet shares drop 7%, Microsoft jumps 5%

Oct 24 (Reuters) – Google-parent Alphabet’s (GOOGL.O) cloud business suffered as long-time rival Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) took off in the September quarter, demonstrating early signs that the Windows maker’s investment in artificial intelligence was paying off.

Alphabet’s shares fell 7% in after hours trading on Tuesday. Microsoft’s rose 5%.

The drop in Alphabet’s shares, despite it

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Looking for the silver lining

Navigating markets in 2023 will require more frequent portfolio changes amid a grim investment outlook. Photo: AP

As the new year approaches, economic cheer is scarce on the ground amid a darkening economic outlook marked by recession and persistent inflation.

Inflation is high, interest rates continue to climb, growth expectations tumble, geopolitical tensions like the war in Ukraine and past fiscal policy errors like the UK’s mini-budget continue to weigh on financial markets.

Investors will have to remain cautions and look for the silver linings in 2023 as the world economy slows down.

A recession foretold

A painful squeeze is

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AMC stuns traders with investment in gold and silver mine as it puts $1.8 billion war chest to work

AMC Leisure Holdings Inc. surprised traders Tuesday with the information of an investment decision in a gold and silver mine that is nicely outside the house of its main cinema company.

The business is purchasing 22% of Hycroft Mining Keeping Corp.
and its 71,000 acre Hycroft Mine in Northern Nevada, that is recognized to have 15 million ounces of gold deposits and some 600 million ounces of silver deposit.

will also acquire 23.4 million warrants priced at $1.07 a share, a discounted about Hycroft shares closing price tag Monday of $1.37.

Eric Sprott, a seasoned

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