Implementation cost and ROI of indirect tax technology

Forrester’s independent research study on cost for implementation, licensing, and ongoing maintenance of indirect tax software and its cost savings.

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When making the business case for investing in automated indirect tax technology (IDT) and technology implementation, what the company stands to gain in terms of efficiencies and return on investment (ROI) are certainly important key factors, but the discussion must eventually come around to cost. 


  • How much is the system going to cost the organization up front? 
  • What internal resources or costs will be necessary to implement and maintain the system? 
  • What recurring costs (e.g., licensing fees)
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The rise of remote do the job: How technology is reshaping enterprise professions

Visitor Impression: The landscape of function as we know it is going through a seismic change. With know-how advancing at a spectacular rate, the thought of the office is getting redefined, ushering in the period of distant perform.

This transformation is not just about in which we perform but how get the job done itself is conceptualized, structured, and executed. Underneath, we delve into how technology is reshaping organization professions and what this indicates for specialists navigating this new terrain.

The Catalysts for Transform

The force towards distant work has been fueled by quite a few crucial technological breakthroughs.

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How to Supercharge Your Business enterprise With Technology in 2024

Views expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their personal.

Technology is shifting at an incredible and almost too much to handle speed. Know-how has the prospective to disrupt industries and produce actual threats to existing organizations. To prevent turning out to be obsolete and falling behind, business owners should really have a technique to aggressively embrace and utilize technologies to their advantage.

The problem is that there appears to be an never-ending stream of information and suggestions for entrepreneurs to leverage these reducing-edge systems, but very minimal explains exclusively what business people should be executing to put into action these applications.

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A Lodge Executive’s Guide to Unleashing the Ability of AI-1st Organization Intelligence and Analytics Technology (Professional Intelligence)

When it arrives to the hotel sector, commercial intelligence is rather virtually the blueprint to achievements. Leveraging BI analytics and the knowledge-driven insights from FLYR Hospitality means your lodge is normally in line with, or even forward of, the curve. It really is about making smart selections that repeatedly gasoline advancement and adapting swiftly to an ever-shifting current market. With professional intelligence, you might be not just surviving you might be flourishing.

Very little is remaining to possibility in the hugely aggressive hospitality landscape, primarily in the government suite, in which selections decide not only the day-to-day operations of the

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Top 11 Small Business Technology Trends

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may not be at the forefront of developing technology, but tech still plays a vital role in your business’s growth and efficiency. Given how much things have changed in the past year, small business technology trends will only become more important throughout 2024.

While new infrastructure like 5G will continue to gain traction, established markets such as employee monitoring software will also have a greater impact on small businesses. In addition to investigating the latest tech trends among small companies, we asked some leading tech experts and small business owners for their …

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