Ark Invest Stock Portfolio: Top 11 Picks

In this piece, we will take a look at Cathie Wood and Ark Invest’s latest stock picks. If you want to skip our introduction to the well known and oft controversial hedge fund boss, then you can skip ahead to Ark Invest Stock Portfolio: Top 5 Picks.

Cathie Wood is one of the more controversial hedge fund bosses, and also a relatively newer entrant to the industry. As opposed to some of the biggest hedge funds in the industry, which seek to diversify their portfolios to benefit from both growth and value stocks, Ms. Wood and her hedge fund

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Top AI tips and prompts to supercharge your content marketing

Content marketing is crucial for brand awareness and engagement in the digital landscape. 

Generating compelling ideas consistently can be daunting, but generative AI like ChatGPT offers solutions. 

This article explores top AI tips to boost your content marketing efforts.

What is an AI prompt?

AI prompts are any type of text, data, or question that tells the AI the desired response you seek. These prompts can inspire and generate ideas for limitless content marketing concepts.

Before diving into AI-generated prompts, define your content marketing goals. Are you aiming to educate your audience, generate leads or increase brand visibility? 

By having

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Top Insurtech Companies | Global 5-Star Technology and Software Providers 2023

Smart solutions on a global scale

Each region and territory of the insurance industry has its own legislation, practices and ways of working to contend with, but a single uniting factor for the entire industry is the requirement for the top insurtech companies to enable more efficient and cost-effective operations. That’s what the 20 firms that make up Insurance Business’ Global 5-Star Technology and Software Providers 2023 provide. 

Sector expert Chris Tunnecliff, chief technology officer, international operations at Crawford & Company, says, “In the insurance and risk management industry, it is crucial

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What are Top rated Financial commitment Supervisors Keeping in Their Portfolios?

The subsequent is an complimentary excerpt from our Markets This Month dispatch from our quality publication referred to as VC+. For far more like this, get a VC+ annual membership for 25% off.

Analyzing the Funds of Five “Super Investors”

With the market normally getting a breather all through the summer season, it’s a fantastic chance to assess how top rated funds positioned their portfolios at the conclude of Q1 2023.

We chosen 5 resources of many measurements, every single just one with a renowned trader at its helm that usually has a exceptional outlook on the marketplace and strategy

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Top 5 search marketing trends and 3 must-haves for 2023

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023, it’s a great time to review notable changes to search and consumer behaviors and plan our key digital marketing initiatives for next year. 

In this article, we will discuss the most significant search, digital marketing and consumer trends, along with the must-haves for search marketers in 2023. 

First, let’s understand the biggest changes in search this year and what we can expect next year. 

Google released several algorithm updates in 2022. These algorithm updates can be classified into three broad categories. 

  • Core updates:
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Q&A with Gov.-elect Jim Pillen: Taxes, school finance top legislative priority list

LINCOLN — Nebraska Gov.-elect Jim Pillen says he wants to work with the Legislature to knock some sense into the state’s property taxes, income taxes and school finance.

Pillen, who takes office Jan. 5, detailed the top priorities for his first legislative session during a Dec. 21 interview with the Nebraska Examiner in his transition office at the Capitol. 

The University of Nebraska regent and Columbus-area hog operator said he has been preparing his first budget proposal since defeating Democrat Carol Blood in November. 

The Examiner asked him about how he plans to approach a number of issues he campaigned

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