Top 10 marketing moves from April 2024

Top 10 marketing moves from April 2024

From campaigns featuring musicians and actors to a promotion for one of summer’s biggest movies, April had a very Hollywood feel to it in terms of marketing moves.

Oscar-nominated director Taika Waititi’s second campaign with Belvedere was one of our favourite marketing moves in April

In April, Hennessy decided to call on two of show business’s brightest faces to highlight its mixability in cocktails. Meanwhile, Taika Waititi returned to Belvedere to direct its latest campaign, which starred rapper Future, and American singer Camila Cabello was front and centre for an advert for Bacardi. What’s more, Ryan Reynolds-backed Aviation Gin rolled out special bottles to celebrate the upcoming release of Deadpool & Wolverine.

And away from the celebrity sphere there was plenty of activity as well – two spirits brands invested in Asia, Polish vodka Żubrówka underwent a brand refresh and the sustainably-minded Respirited debuted its first out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign.

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Cognac producer Hennessy launched Made for More, a campaign that seeks to “shake up” perceptions of the brand and showcase its mixability.

The campaign stars British­-Nigerian actor Damson Idris and US singer- songwriter and actor Teyana Taylor, and features five films that show the pair highlighting Hennessy’s mixability in cocktails, while also presenting a ‘new, lighter, brighter, fresher visual’ of the brand.

Julie Nollet, global chief marketing officer at Hennessy, said the campaign introduces “another side of the brand with beauty, fun and open-­mindedness”.

Irish whiskey liqueur Shanky’s Whip made significant ground in Asia after signing distribution deals in South Korea and Japan.

The spirit will be distributed by Three Arrows in Japan, and Upic in South Korea. Both distributors are tasked with bringing Shanky’s Whip to hospitality venues, retailers, and e­commerce channels.

Shanky’s Whip founder Elwyn Gladstone said: “Shanky’s Whip has major global appeal, which is testament to its striking brand proposition and incredible taste. We’re in a period of significant investment for the brand and will be supporting the move into Japan and South Korea with a series of activations that make us stand out from the crowd.

“We’ve worked to secure the best partners in the market to distribute and carve out Shanky’s Whip’s name.”


Oscar-nominated director Taika Waititi returned to Belvedere to direct the vodka brand’s latest advertising campaign, which also stars Grammy Award­-winning artist and rapper Future.

Released for the vodka’s new Belvedere 10 expression, the three- minute short film starts with Future (real name Nayvadius DeMun Cash) driving a Rolls­-Royce in search of Belvedere 10 and ends up in a ‘dilapidated hacienda­-turned­-nightclub’. During the film, Waititi and Future are shown facing off and performing a coded handshake, which gives them access to the new expression.

Waititi said: “There is a fine line that allows humour and rebelliousness to exist within luxury. This campaign embodies a rare moment where this intersection meets.” Waititi also directed the last Belvedere campaign, in which James Bond actor Daniel Craig danced through the streets of Paris.


In lead up to the Coachella festival in California last month, vodka brand Absolut teamed up with comedian Matt Rogers for a weekly video series – Mixing It Up: Cosmos & Culture.

The series involved talks on the latest trends in fashion and youth culture, and featured special guests, who shared Absolut Cosmopolitans together. Presented in the ‘Absolut Land’ metaverse, the online series ran in the weeks before the event, which took place on 12­14 and 19­21 April. Absolut was the official vodka.

Matt Foley, vice­-predient of marketing, Absolut, said: “Absolut’s approach to Coachella this year is rooted in a double entendre of Cosmos, which pays homage to the iconic cocktail made with Absolut while capturing the essence of our new digital festival universe.”

Hermit Gin

Amsterdam-based Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin grew its presence in Japan by landing its first retail listing in the country.

The gin will be available at department store Isetan’s Tokyo locations through distributor Gotobar 5108, which is also a fishmonger, and stocks the brand on its website.

Hermit Gin’s owners, Noah Duijst and Siward de Groot, who bought the brand in 2023, said: “Gaining a listing at Isetan is huge for both brands, since it is one of the most respected and high­-end department stores in Japan. We’re very glad Gotobar has arranged this, and we are looking forward to expanding even further in the Japanese market.”

At Isetan, Hermit Gin is available to buy for JPY¥6,600 (US$42).


Polish vodka brand Żubrówka has undergone a brand refresh, with a new slogan and label for its flagship Bison Grass and Biała products.

The slogan, which reads ‘Serve the wild. Same heart, different looks’, is part of the brand’s new marketing campaign, while the labels are intended to provide clearer, more legible and better visibility for the bottles on the shelves. The overhaul aims to ‘emphasise the wildness that is embedded in the DNA of Żubrówka’, the brand said.

A spokesperson for Żubrówka added: “Our brand has always been associated with wildness, and the refreshed labels of Bison Grass and Biała express the same message, in a new guise.”

American singer Camila Cabello stars in the latest advert for Bacardí’s Do What Moves You campaign, which features her new single I Luv It.

Cabello said: “I’ve always thought of Bacardí as the quintessential rum brand. To me, Bacardí is synonymous with the spirit of the Caribbean and, of course, good cocktails and a great party.”

In the 30-­second spot, directed by Nicolás Méndez, the pop star is seen dancing to her new track on the streets, ending with a Bacardí cocktail in hand surrounded by other dancers. The multi­-year partnership with Bacardí marks the first time Cabello has collaborated with a spirits brand. Bacardi will continue to support the singer during the release of her new album, C, XOXO.


Aviation American Gin, the Diageo-­owned brand backed by Ryan Reynolds, is releasing six limited edition designs of its bottles to commemorate the release of the Deadpool & Wolverine film this summer.

The bottles, which will cost US$25, are made with black glass, which is accented with red custom strip stamps and metallic details – each showcasing one of the six Deadpool icons. The exterior is intended to resemble Deadpool’s signature suit fabric.

Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the Marvel Studios franchise, said: “I discovered Aviation American Gin while shooting the first Deadpool movie. Back then Aviation wasn’t big enough to tie in to a big summer movie and Deadpool was lucky to get any sponsors at all. A few hundred weeks and drinks later, here we are. They grow up so quickly, don’t they?”

Respirited Vodka Hayman's

Sustainable vodka brand Respirited debuted its first out-­of-home advertising campaign.

Called This Vodka is Rubbish, the campaign launched in London on 22 April, and features on high-definition and high­-traffic digital sites, including Portobello Star and West London Towers.

“Respirited is on a mission to change the world of vodka, for good,” said Harry Boothman, creative director at Otherway, the design agency behind the campaign. “We wanted to create a range of noisy and attention­grabbing posters.”

Respirited, launched in 2002 by London distiller Hayman’s, is made from repurposed grain spirit from the distillery’s production process.

Cognac brand Rémy Martin has launched a special bottle design for its XO expression, XO Night, to target high­-end nightlife.

The motive behind the fresh look is to push the Cognac as a spirit for night­time celebrations, to be consumed at high­-end clubs, rooftop bars, and chic lounges – making it the ‘go­to’ Cognac for luxury clubbing. The design features a minimalistic, mirrored black decanter with the XO stamp and Rémy Martin’s signature centaur.

Nicolas Beckers, chief executive officer at Rémy Cointreau Americas, said: “With XO Night, we aim to redefine the traditional nightcap, and show how a night uncapped with Rémy Martin has endless possibilities.”

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