We are millionaires yet my partner insists we can not afford to pay for this “luxurious”

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Expensive Pay out Filth,

My husband and I are living in a property with substantial large amount that requires a whole lot of upkeep.

Neither of us enjoys yardwork, and my preference would be to hire it out. We are the two well-compensated lawyers who function 60-hour weeks time is significantly extra precious to me than revenue. But my partner suggests having to pay somebody else is a “waste” and that we “can’t pay for it.” (We are

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My girlfriend insists on giving my apartment a makeover. It’s an expensive disaster.

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Dear Pay Dirt,

I just bought my first condo after years of bouncing around in rentals with dubious roommates. My furniture has all been thrifted or given to me so it is a pretty mishmash bunch. I don’t mind it. My girlfriend hates it. She is addicted to all these home makeover YouTube videos and constantly shoves them in my face about how we can makeover our space.

The problem is the few pieces she has tried to DIY have

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